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tHe mosaic


The family has a very important place.

If you express such a family in another Chinese character, it is called a family member.

This refers to people who eat together.


The Mosaic Church will be together as a family like this and your family.

Although there are many churches, The Mosaic Church is a church that focuses on one soul, dreaming of a church-like church and worship-like worship.  As your brother and sister, friend and mentor, I will stand behind you as the Lord is always with you.


I hope that we can laugh and cry together here and share the heartwarming emotions.


You are the most precious person born to be loved, and I welcome and bless you in the name of the Lord.


More Mosaic  church

Senior Pastor  Youngchul Lee


church is people

This is because the church is where they gather, looking at one soul one soul at a time.


Ministry is a relationship.

This is because the upper part is the relationship with God and the lower part is the relationship with people.


Ministry is sharing and caring.

This is because Jesus' ministry was not for the elite, but for sharing and caring for the poor and marginalized.

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