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mission  ministry

The Mission is Always Now.

"When should we do the mission? I think I can do it when I have money, when I have time, when I have free time.
But missionary work is always something to do now."

​missionary operation

A family of 4 can stay.

One admission is 15 days, the maximum is once  You can extend your stay for 1 month.

Reservations must be made at least one month in advance. 

Airport pick-up

To be able to move around the metropolitan area and short distances  We pick up missionaries from the airport.

For long distances, consultation is required.

car rental

We rent a car for missionaries who have visited their home country for efficient ministry within a short schedule.  

Reservation is mandatory and insurance is available on your own.

In the case of a missionary, we rent a car while you are in Korea, and the individual uses insurance for the duration of the contract.

Reservation is required

provide solutions

With many years of operation and know-how, we provide solutions and networks that enable missionaries to become self-reliant and cooperate in effective ministries.

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