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culture  ministry

Culture Ministry

zero   Kite

We spread the gospel directly and indirectly through indoor and outdoor performances.

The gospel is planted in the culture and the planted gospel will bear fruit in due time. 

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You meet a lot of people on the street through busking.

Songdo Canal Walk and Hongdae  We talk about the gospel on the streets and spread God through songs.

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Singer Uhm Ji-ae

As a female folk singer, she is active in a wide range of broadcasts and performances.


He is also active through 'Unchanging', 'ONLY YOU', 'Close up your collar', 'A Cool Windy Day' and recently CCM 'I Didn't Know'. 

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Travel Sketch (Luca)

Singer 'Luka' Kwonsa of Travel Sketch has recently been re-emerged through Sugar Man 3 and is doing a wide range of activities as a musician through open concerts and space empathy.  

He also works as a music director and has many hit songs such as 'It's going to be a star', 'Yes, to a friend' and 'Isn't life like that'?

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singer Hyeri Jang

A legendary female singer who has been performing as a singer for over 30 years, she has released numerous hit songs such as 'Ballad of Memories' and 'I'll Hear Your Remaining Love'.


But now, as an evangelist praising God, he is a minister who leads churches, sanatoriums, prisons, and assemblies across the country.  

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Actor Lee Sang-heon

As an actor who works with thick acting, he is active in both theater and film.

He has appeared in "Han Gong-ju", "Big Match" and "Ganggi Nam", and is participating in the Korean Wave through content in the world with the Thai movie "Kook Ji-young."

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